5 Tips to Increase Your Ecommerce Holiday Sales

increase ecommerce holiday sales
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With the holiday season upon us, shoppers are getting ready for gift giving, holiday sales, and starting the new year off right. According to digitalcommerce360, e-commerce platforms could see an increase in sales of up to 15.5%. Using holiday promos and seasonal discounts is one way that e-commerce platforms are capitalizing on this potential increase in sales.

As we continue the holiday buying season, we’re sharing 5 tips on how to get the most out of your holiday marketing efforts:

  1. Start Telling Your Customer Early:

Tis the season for holiday promotions, which means it’s very likely that your customers are getting bombarded with promotional emails. Makes sure your deal is getting noticed by building up to it ahead of time. Not only will this help build anticipation and excitement with your audience, but also it will subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) prepare them to buy.

Pre-promo communication can be as simple as a quick “Sale Starts Tomorrow” reminder email, or it can be a series of reminders highlighting the value of your product. Whether you develop a complex pre-promo strategy, or are just sending out a reminder to your audience, don’t just stick to one platform. Communicating to your audience through multiple channels -email, Facebook, Instagram, etc – the more likely customers are to see and respond to your post.

  1. Be Unique

Your business is unique, and your holiday promo should reflect that! A unique holiday promo can be based on your product or service, or you can play up a holiday theme.

It’s easy to put a lot of pressure on yourself to come up with a clever theme or tagline that will stand out in the crowd, but you can also be unique, by leaning into your theme and finding unique ways to deliver your promo message. Small details, like using holiday promo codes, or catchy call to actions can make your campaign stand out to consumers.

Using multiple communication channels is another great way to make your holiday promotion unique. Carrying your holiday theme from email, to social, to your website, gives your user a memorable shopping experience and can make them more likely to buy. The most important thing is to make your promo fun for your audience. If your messaging resonates with them, your promo will be unforgettable.

  1. Send a Final Reminder

According to a recent NPR study, as many as 70% of items that get added to e-commerce carts are never purchased. Much of that disconnect can be attributed to customers getting distracted during the shopping experience.

Reminding your customers when your promotion is about to end can allow. A lot of people intend to buy but forget or get distracted before they hit checkout (it is the holidays after all). Sending a “Last Call” themed email can help you pick up customers who may have been overlooked. Like with your pre-promo emails, spreading your “Last Call” email across a variety of channels will help you reach the most people, and will build in reminders for your users.

  1. Highlight Customer Reviews to Encourage First-time Buyers

The holiday season is a great time to capture first time buyers. Highlight customer reviews and testimonials to demonstrate the value of your products and services while building trust among an audience who may be less familiar with you and your brand.

Customer testimonials can be hugely influential in a customers buying decision with studies saying as many as 97% of customers saying reviews influence their buying decision. For those customers who are unfamiliar with your brand, customer reviews can be the message that prompts them to hit checkout.

When selecting testimonials, pick out quotes that speak to your products unique value and that build trust in your brand. Potential first time customers will want to see that real people have enjoyed your product and had a good experience with your brand.

  1. Communicate More Often Than Usual

If you normally only send emails or post on social occasionally, kick it up a notch during a promotion. Don’t be afraid to communicate daily, and even multiple times each day during a promotion. At this time of year, buying is on the minds of consumers and you never know when your promotion will resonate. Keep the momentum going, staying in front of buyers.

You can use frequent communication as a tool to make your campaign unique. For instance, reminding customers they’ve left something in their chart, or personalizing communication to your audience based on demographics or past buying behavior can resonate with customers especially well.

During the holiday season, putting some extra messaging into your communication plan will help increase buyer awareness. After all, you don’t want customers missing out!

Wrapping Up

The holidays are a great time to capture more business from current customers and gain the trust of new customers. By planning your holiday promo out, offering unique messaging, and communicating often, e-commerce platforms can see great returns on holiday promotion efforts.

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